For the health and success of the ministry, A Church Called Home will operate with the following

governmental structure and systems:

1. A Board of Overseers 
2. A Pastor and Staff 
3. A Financial Care Team

The goal of having a layered form of government is to have the right people, in the right places, making the right decisions at the right times. Therefore decisions are made based on ones calling and gifting.

Pastor Jason and Melissa Creech

Jason became a Jesus follower at age 19. He has 14 years of pastoral experience serving on staff at four churches in the area of student ministries. Jason is the founder of Mirror-Mirror Inc., a nonprofit that hosts events in public schools throughout Kentucky and abroad, speaking to over 61,000 students. Jason is also the author of the following books: New.U, Dealing With the S-Words, and Navigate. He and his wife Melissa were married in 1996 and they have two wonderful children, Tori and Chaz. Jason and Melissa are the pastors of A Church Called Home.

Vanessa Pillion

Vanessa and her husband Ray are the founders and owners of Pillion Accounting Services. Vanessa is a certified accountant with over 30 years experience in managing the finances of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Their accounting firm’s reputation of excellence has earned many awards over the last few years. Vanessa serves as the treasurer of A Church Called Home.

Jay Haizlip

Jay and his wife Christy launched The Sanctuary Church in Huntington Beach, CA nearly ten years ago. On any given week, over 1,800 people attend services at The Sanctuary. Jay is also the founder of The Uprising, which has enjoyed two sessions on Steelroots Television. As a pro skater he has traveled the country abroad ministering to hundreds of thousands, sharing the freedom found only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Randy Rice

Randy and his wife Kimberly have been in ministry together for over 25 years. They planted Life Church in West Chester, OH more than seven years ago. Randy has a passion and gifting for church planting. Over the last two years Life Church has launched two new campuses. He has a burning desire to see the people live to their full potential and for the local church to be all she is called to be.

Harry Saylor

Harry and his wife Sandra have pastored Faith Fellowship in Winfield, AL for over thirty years. Pastor Saylor has traveled extensively throughout the world and serves as the Executive Director of Administrations with Worldwide Missions Evangelism. Sandra is a professional life coach, licensed with The Pathway Coaching Institute. With a wonderful marriage of 36 years Harry and Sandra minister to couples in a way only they can.

Greg DeVries

Greg and his wife Gretchen pastor the Scottsboro Campus of The Rock Family Worship Center in Scottsboro, AL. Greg has a passion for lost souls and for the streets of America, along with the nations. Greg was a youth pastor for six years and then started traveling for Teen Mania Ministries as well as itinerate ministry. Their heart for discipleship and seeing the Church of Jesus Christ become “equipped for the work of the ministry” beats strong. Greg and Gretchen are the parents of 12 children – no that’s not a typo.

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