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Moms and dads, your faith matters. The generations that follow you will be shaped by the life you live today. The greatest gift you could pass down to your children is your faith in Jesus. The phrase "generation to generation" appears thirty-six times in Scripture. So, we've created a simple fun way to share your faith story with your kids. Take some time to share the following:    


Conversation Starters: 

  • Share with your kids a miracle you witnessed God do.

  • Tell them about a time when you encountered God in a special way.

  • Make sure they know your personal story of faith. 

  • Who told you about Jesus, and when did you come to faith?

  • Share with your kids the funniest or craziest thing you've ever seen in church.

  • Who made a big impact on your life spiritually? 

  • Share a time when Jesus helped you through a difficult season. 

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