The Spot is a place on our site where our leaders can be encouraged and challenged as we continue to reach for more. In each session Pastor Jason shares a short leadership thought that he himself is learning. Simply click on the image title of your choice and enjoy the video.


Thank you so much for playing such a vital role on our lead-team. Mark it down, the most incredible leaders on the planet are in the church. Why do we believe that? Because on the job, people follow the leader because they have to, but in the church, they follow because they want to. A boss tells people what to do, a leader inspires people to do. A boss lights a fire under you, a leader lights a fire within you. Now let's work on being the best leaders we can possilbly be, and remember, when the leader gets better, the team gets better. Thanks for hanging out with us at The Spot.  

One last thing! Three times a year we host a leaders rally we call The Leaders Spot. This year those dates are March 31, June 30 and September 29. To RSVP click the link below. 


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