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Breathing room, we all need some, whether it's in our time or our finances, margin is important. In this series Pastor Jason unpacks the value and joy of creating breathing room. In times like these, we need to be remind of how and why we can rest. 

Notice we have listed above all three messages from this series. Below, you will find the notes for the third installment of our Breathing Room series. Thank you for being a part of our online community. 



Let’s consider the facts:

•    According to a 2019 GoBanking Rates report, 69% of American families have less than $1,000 put away.

•    Most American families are not prepared for a $400 emergency.

•    Experts tell us that 80% of Americans worry about money all the time.

•    70% of American households live from paycheck to paycheck.

•    That means 70% of families in the US are one unexpected situation way from financial collapse.

•    There were nearly 800,000 bankruptcies filed in 2019.

•    According to Experian, in 2019 the average American household carried $6,200 in credit card debt.

•    57% of American marriages end in divorce, with financial problems as the primary reason.

•    According to the US Census Bureau, the average American spends $1.33 for every $1 he or she earns.

•    In the year 2019, banks in the United States took in over $11 billion in overdraft fees.


Think about this:

•    Over 2,300 Scriptures deal specifically with finances.

•    The Bible addresses money more often than heaven and hell combined.

•    Five times more is said about money than about prayer.

•    Sixteen of the thirty-eight stories Jesus told deal with money management.

•    15% of the entire Bible revolves around the topic of money.


Why? Because God cares about your financial wellbeing.


God’s financial plan for our lives:

1.    ___________________ Generously. 2.    ___________________ Wisely. 3.    ___________________ Appropriately. 

Helpful Resources:

Great Reads:

The Money Challenge by Art Rainer

Beyond the Blessed Life by Robert Morris

Positioning for Breakthrough by Dan Stallbaum

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Great Podcasts:

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

My Money Life Crown Stewardship


52 Week Challenge:

You can begin creating breathing room in your finances by using the simple savings plan to the right of this page.

52 Week Savings Challenge.jpg

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