There's nothing more fulfilling than being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. Join us on Saturday July 13 for our annual Serve Day. We have several projects lined up, simply click the link below to register for the project of your choice. Don't forget to give us your shirt size as well. We can't wait! Thanks for signing up. Click here to register: 

Last year, Pastor Jason was granted the opportunity to travel and minister alongside Dr. Dale Yerton, the founder of The Living Faith. Dr. Yerton is an incredible communicator, author, leader and church planter. The Living Faith has planted hundreds of churches throughout Mexico. While traveling with Dr. Yerton, Pastor Jason asked how his work in Mexico began. He said that as a young evangelist, he wanted desperately to see people come to Christ. The more he prayed and the harder he worked, the more frustrated he became. Although his preaching was in great demand, he was not seeing the fruit he hoped for.


One day, he was talking to a friend who suggested they take a trip to Mexico. His friend felt there was a need throughout Latin America for the gospel to be preached. As they traveled from state to state they soon realized the severity of the need. In the state of Chiapas, a state of over five million people, there were only a few small struggling churches, and over 40 practicing witch doctors. Dr. Yerton’s heart was broken for the people. He began to cry, “Give me Mexico for Jesus!” Fifty years later, Dr. Yerton’s and his team have planted over 500 churches throughout Mexico. Many of these churches run in the hundreds and many well over a thousand. Dr. Yerton is also an amazing author. His book Foundational Truths is used in over 80 countries, has been translated into over 30 languages and more than 200,000 copies are in circulation.

Last year, Pastor Jason was asked to speak at an annual leader's conference hosted by The Living Faith. Five hundred pastors were expected, over one thousand showed up. This year, Jason and a team from ACCH will be attending that event again on February 3-10. The event will be held in Chiapas, for pastors and leaders within The Living Faith Network. Pastor Jason will be teaching four sessions during the conference. We will also be dedicating a church building we helped purchase a roof for. We are taking a team of intercessors to serve and assist in a variety of ways during our time there. The cost of the trip is airfare plus $500 for meals and hotel stay. 



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